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Welcome to Academy Calvert K-8 Online School!

There are many reasons for educating your child outside of a traditional classroom. A public virtual charter school provides a choice for parents who want to be more directly involved in their child’s education. Academy Calvert K-8 Online School enables you to share the gift of your time and talent with your child. Our virtual school's instructional model  provides individualized learning plans that meet your child’s specific needs.   The Academy Calvert K-8 Online School virtual learning environment consists of a partnership among students, our faculty, parents, peers, and both academic, opportunities to meet with a blended learning coach and technology support teams. The support of our team empowers your child to reach his or her full academic potential.   The foundation of the Academy Calvert K-8 Online School program is the world-renowned Calvert Education curriculum ​as well as blended learning/project-based learning offerings and opportunities. Calvert has been the trusted leader in distance learning for over a century—serving students and schools in all 50 states and over 100 countries. Calvert’s curriculum is used by public, private, virtual, charter and international schools, as well as families, to successfully educate children. You can be confident that your child will thrive at Academy Calvert K-8 Online School .  

School Mission Statement​

The mission of Academy Calvert K-8 Online School is to meet Colorado students where they are academically, inspire and empower them to achieve at their highest level, foster their ability to integrate ideas and concepts across subject areas, and cultivate their character, curiosity, and commitment by nurturing strong relationships between home, school, teachers and learners, to ensure each student's lifelong learning in a world we cannot yet imagine. ​