District Schedule:Normal

 What Will I Study?

Students K-8 will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding in subjects including but not limited to:


​Art History​Technology
​Social-emotional Learning


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Prospective Students

 Prospective Students

Why Choose Academy Calvert K-8 Online School? : We exist to provide a high-quality online and blended learning personalized educational experience for K-8 students across the state of Colorado who desire to school from home, pursue their passions, achieve their potential, acquire the skills necessary to meet the challenges of a changing  global world, and enjoy the flexibility that an online school experience affords.


What We Provide:

-Free public school education statewide and housed within Academy School District 20

-Access to a highly qualified Colorado certified teacher

-Comprehensive, challenging Calvert Curriculum

-Individualized, personalized instruction

-Blended learning experience through easy access to our Learning Lab

-Participation in a digital/virtual classroom

-Ongoing feedback on work samples

-Opportunities for K-8 students, prior home-schooling families, athletes, accelerated learners, and students with medical needs to access a flexible, high quality education

-Instruction and support in becoming emotionally intelligent/evidence-based approach to social-emotional learning


When Can I Enroll My Student?:

Enrollment is open throughout the 2016-17 school year!